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List of Znc Commands[edit | edit source]

/znc help

/znc Version: Print which version of ZNC this is

/znc ListAvailMods:List all available modules

/znc ListChans : List all channels

/znc ListNicks <#chan>: List all nicks on a channel

/znc ListClients: List all clients connected to your ZNC user

/znc ListServers : List all servers of current IRC network

/znc AddNetwork <name>: Add a network to your user

/znc DelNetwork <name>: Delete a network from your user

/znc ListNetworks: List all networks

/znc JumpNetwork <network>: Jump to another network (Alternatively, you can connect to ZNC several times, using `user/network` as username)

/znc AddServer <host> [[+]port] [pass]: Add a server to the list of alternate/backup servers of current IRC network.

/znc DelServer <host> [port] [pass]: Remove a server from the list of alternate/backup servers of current IRC network

/znc AddTrustedServerFingerprint <fi:ng:er>: Add a trusted server SSL certificate fingerprint (SHA-256) to current IRC network.

/znc DelTrustedServerFingerprint <fi:ng:er>: Delete a trusted server SSL certificate from current IRC network.

/znc ListTrustedServerFingerprints: List all trusted server SSL certificates of current IRC network.

/znc EnableChan <#chans>: Enable channels

/znc DisableChan <#chans>: Disable channels

/znc Attach <#chans>: Attach to channels

/znc Detach <#chans>: Detach from channels

/znc Topics: Show topics in all your channels

/znc PlayBuffer <#chan|query>: Play back the specified buffer

/znc ClearBuffer <#chan|query>: Clear the specified buffer

/znc ClearAllBuffers: Clear all channel and query buffers

/znc ClearAllChannelBuffers: Clear the channel buffers

/znc ClearAllQueryBuffers: Clear the query buffers

/znc SetBuffer <#chan|query> [linecount]: Set the buffer count /znc ShowBindHost: Show currently selected bind host

/znc Jump [server]: Jump to the next or the specified server

/znc Disconnect [message]: Disconnect from IRC

/znc Connect: Reconnect to IRC

/znc Uptime: Show for how long ZNC has been running

/znc LoadMod [--type=global|user|network] <module> [args]: Load a module

/znc ReloadMod [--type=global|user|network] <module> [args]: Reload a module

/znc ShowMOTD: Show ZNC's message of the day