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Eggdrop installation in DARKSHELL.EU

Its really easy to install Eggdop in out shell. All you got to do login to your shell and type getegg

Here is Various version of Eggdrop Source although, try to install the most recent version of eggdrop to avoid Errors.

The following instructions are for if you want to compile Eggdrop by your own.

A simple and quick guideline for installation

These guide lines for eggdrop installation if you want to install and compile eggdrop by yourself using our sell. You can download the source file in your computer and upload to your home directory but i prefer to download it to my home directory which saves time.

1) wget

2) In telnet type tar zxvf eggdrop-1.8.4.tar.gz

3) Type cd eggdrop-1.8.4

4) Type ./configure

if you encounter an error related to tcl try the following command

./configure --with-tclinc=/usr/include/tcl8.6/tcl.h --with-tcllib=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/

5) Type make config (compiles all modules) or make iconfig (allows you to select the modules to compile).

6) Type make

7) Type make install DEST=/home/name/botdir

8) Switch to the botdir and edit the sample config file eggdrop.conf, then rename it to something appropriate (e.g. botnick.conf).

9) Type ./eggdrop -m <config file>

A simple Edited configuration file can be downloaded here. eggie.config

EggDrop install errors

Eggdrop requires Tcl to compile, therefore need the following packages to compile Eggdrop.

tcl-8.6.8p2 – Tool Command Language

tcllib-1.19pl0 – Tcl Standard Library

tcltls-1.6p3 – OpenSSL Tcl extension

if you get any tcl related errors please try the following command

./configure --with-tclinc=/usr/include/tcl8.6/tcl.h --with-tcllib=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/

EggDrop and SSL cert

If you are installing eggdrop with SSL, The following command to create the cert files. The following command should be used after step 7.

make sslcert DEST=/home/eggdrop/eggdrop1.8

Configuration for SASL enabled server

What is sasl ?

Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) is a framework for authentication and data security in Internet protocols. It decouples authentication mechanisms from application protocols, in theory allowing any authentication mechanism supported by SASL to be used in any application protocol that uses SASL.

Well that is pretty much complex then you and i thought. But for sasl servers all you need two tcl files and 4 lines in your eggdrop config file to get it work. Please follow the following instructions

Configuration for SASL enabled servers

Download the following files and place ( upload ) in your eggdrop script folder

Gbase64 | Gcap

Add the following lines to your eggdrop config file

source "scripts/g_base64.tcl"
source "scripts/g_cap.tcl"

set sasl-user "NoobBot"
set sasl-pass "blahblah"

change the following lines according to your username and password

  • Nickname and password according to the registration detail on the SASL server
set sasl-user "NoobBot"
set sasl-pass "blahblah"

There is one more file to edit. Open g_cap.tcl file which you just uploaded to your eggdrop script file and edit the following lines:

# Services username:
set sasl-user "NoobBot"

# Password for PLAIN and SCRAM-SHA:
set sasl-pass "blahblah"

we are good to go. to run the eggdrop for you sasl server.

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